Hello, my name is Lois Pacheco and I'm the owner / operator here at LP Process Service & Notary.  First of all, a little about myself.  I have always had a passion for the criminal justice field but I went on to explore other areas in which I would be able to help people the most.  I attended nursing school, medical assisting, I hold a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology, and computer programming but I realized one important thing; none of those professions held as much passion for me as criminal justice does.  So here we are.  I went on to achieve my master's degree in criminal justice with a specialty in forensic science.  After many unsuccessful attempts at finding a job in a forensic lab or crime scene investigations (all of which required sufficient experience), I started LP Process Service & Notary and what I have found is complete satisfaction in knowing that I help ensure that people exercise their constitutional right of Due Process of Law.  I love what we do here and I wouldn't have it any other way.  What I bring to the legal industry is a combination of 10 years of education and experience.  

Our core beliefs here at LP Process Service & Notary revolve around the United States Constitution; particularly the Due Process clause found in both the 5th and 14th amendments.  We serve legal documents with respect, courtesy, and professionalism to everyone; there is no exception.  Our servers are held to the highest standards of ethical conduct, morals, and values while remaining within the confines of the law.  

Process servers are an important component in the criminal justice system.  As independent servers, we help to free up time  for law enforcement officers so that they may focus more on protecting and serving the community in which they serve.  LP Process Service & Notary is very diligent in getting documents served in an efficient and timely manner with no time restraints as with law enforcement who, sometimes, make document serving a low priority on their agenda and only can serve documents during specific hours.  You can always count on us to deliver your documents per your requests and instructions  and we stand behind our promises.  After each delivery, you will be notified immediately via phone call or email and we always include an invoice of services for your records, a declaration of proof of service, and a receipt for payment of services.